Welcome to the first of many great things to come from Coastal Creative Co, experts in marketing solutions.  Servicing upstart to mature business in growth, through branding.

Your brand is your company’s most valuable asset, and starting strong is imperative. From pinpointing the perfect name to showcasing its debut in the marketplace, we root all brand expression in our solid, creative brand strategy.

Even when you have mastered your brand expression across various media, there’s always a way to make it richer and more engaging to customers. We create strategic, targeted experiences that work best for your brand’s needs.

Coastal Creative Co. is ready to help wherever you are in your brand cycle.

Packaging Your Brand  (Part one)

In today’s market place products of a wide variety are introduced on a daily basis. Whether in direct competition to you or not, they all fight to capture the attention of the consumer. From odd shaped, to brightly colored and even those providing audio enhancements, packaged goods populate the shelves of retailers everywhere.

Not only should your packaging attract the attention of the prospective customer, it needs to provide protection in most cases, detour theft, and act as a delivery vehicle to and from the store.  It’s a fact that packaging can cost as much, if not more than the product within. Your packaging is the only frame of reference the customer has of your product and your company when walking down the isles. Whether your brand be well established or not, capturing attention in the three seconds allotted to make a decision to purchase, will make or break your success.

Who do you trust your packaging to? The choices can be overwhelming in today’s digital age. The evolution of desktop publishing paved the way for many to try their hand at graphic design. The untrained designer has little or no understanding in the proper use of typography, composition, color, yet they claim they can assist you with your needs; similar to the many new-born photographers, who have never taken a lighting class, and don’t know the difference between an f-stop and a gum drop, yet, attempt to sell you professional services. Did that paint by number picture of yester year really make us an artist?

Then there are the agencies. Winner’s of numerous association awards, employing a high price copy write to craft each and every word. Their only concern is maintaining their high dollar reputation.  Yes they are true professionals, with educated, polished designers, but they are looking to not only to build your brand, but there’s as well.

What can Coastal Creative offer? As a designer, I was at one time employed by one of the high-powered advertising agencies. After many years of providing creative services I ventured out on my own. Within six months of conception my efforts proved to be an overwhelming success. My business plan though short but to the point, was crafted and targeted to a market not served. Unlike a freelance artist, I had the background experience in the print industry, an education that includes computer science, leading to a strong understanding of digital technologies, along with graphic design. I also had a physical location that made clients more comfortable in dealing with me. They had a sense that I was grounded and also knew I was available to them.

Further, their experience with me was just that, an experience. I talked with them and listened!  Each had a problem or a pain that needed resolve. Not only did I offer a solution, I provided education through information that assisted them in making a decision. As a result, business grew by word of mouth.  Understanding who you are interacting with and listening to their needs, pains or problems will assist you not only in business, but also in life.

After a short respite in the corporate sector I am returning to what I love, working one on one with businesses looking to grow their brand through creative, innovative marketing programs.

At Coastal Creative Co. we are ready to help you exceed your expectations throughout the year. Challenge us to help you to grow your businesses through strategic marketing initiatives.

Watch for my next post that will continue our discussion on Packaging Your Brand.  I look forward and invite your comments.

Until Next time…. Enjoy each experience life has offered!

Brian Thomas



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